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  • L = Legit, O = Open to Debate, X = Malware/Bad

Name Process Details
LArgos Billing DialogWorkstationMonitor.exeRelated to Argos_Billing_Dialog from Sepialine inc. Print Monitor. Note: Located in c:Program FilesS
LAv Update Monitor (AvSvcMonitor)AvMonitor.exeAvast
LBell & Howell Monitor Service (BHMonitorService)monitor.exeRelated to Bell_and_Howell
LBoingo Monitor Servicewmonitor.exeBoingo's Free_Wi-Fi_Software
LCWAFAdminMonitorCWAFAdminMonitor.exeCompuware Serversoftware
LIMail Monitor Service (IMONITOR)IMonitor.exeRelated to Ipswitch Inc. Network Management.
LLanSafe Power Monitor (LanSafe PM)PowerMonitor.exeRelated to LanSafe_Power_Monitor from Powerware. Uninterruptible Power Supply Note: Located in C:Pro
LTalking Alarm Clock user logon monitorAlarmMonitor.exeRelated to Cinnamon software inc.
LWinpowermonitormonitor.exeRelated to InstallAnywhere ZeroG Software is now owned by Macrovision. Note: located in C:Program Fi