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  • L = Legit, O = Open to Debate, X = Malware/Bad

Name Process Details
X(random file name without extension)(random file name).sysAdded by the TROJ_ROOTKIT.AI TROJAN! Read the link rootkit type stealth involved.
X*wuauclt.exerandomRelated to WORM_RBOT.AKU or variant.
XNetDDEipx (NetDDEipx)randomAdded by the NetDDEipx TROJAN! **note 3ylv.exe may be one of the random file names used
XNetwork Devices Controller (ndcsvc)random file nameAdded by the Alnica TROJAN!
XNetwork Devices Controller (ndcsvc)random.$$$Added by the Alnica TROJAN!
XNetwork Security ServicerandomCoolWebSearch res:// variant
XNetwork Security Service (NSS)randomCoolWebSearch res:// variant
XRemote Procedure Call (RPC) HelperrandomCoolWebSearch malware
Xsvchost.exe (moto)(Random 18-character filename)Added by the Troj/Agent-MD TROJAN!
XWindows Overlay Components(Random).exeReported as the Trojan-Dropper.Win32.Agent.tb TROJAN! by Kaspersky Anti-Virus. Note: This trojan fil
XWindows VisFx Components(Random)Added by the Worm!
XWorkstation NetLogon ServicerandomCoolWebSearch malware
XWorkstation NetLogon Service ( 11F #`I)(Random).exeCoolWebSearch malware.
XWorkstation NetLogon Service (11F #`I)(Random)32.exeCoolWebSearch malware.
XxadzrandomRelated to Backdoor.Exdis
XzzzxIPSPEC_1 (zzzxIPSPEC_1)zzzx[random characters].exeAdded by the Netdepix.B TROJAN!