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  • L = Legit, O = Open to Debate, X = Malware/Bad

Name Process Details
L(BackupExecAgentAccelerator)beremote.exeprocess that belongs to Backup Exec from Veritas
OPLSRemote Service (PLSRemoteSvc)PLSRemote.exeRISKWARE! or potentially unwanted application. This application may have been installed by your syst
XRemote Procedure Call (RPC) Remote (RpcRemotes)remote.exeAdded by the W32/Mytob-EW WORM! or Troj/Agent-FB TROJAN! Note: This worm rojan file is found in the
XRpcRemotesremote.exeAdded by the W32/Fanbot-J WORM! Note: This worm file is found in the System32 folder. Be sure to che