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  • L = Legit, O = Open to Debate, X = Malware/Bad

Name Process Details
L(BeatJamMusicStreamingServer)BeatJamHttpService.exeSee_BeatJam BeatJam Music Server Edition.
L(GenericHidService)HIDSERVICE.exeEnhanced Driver for Keyboards and Windows
L(IBMCICSTransactionGateway)CTGSERVICE.EXERelated to IBM Corp.
L(IBMWAS5Service - server1)wasservice.exeRelated to IBM WebSpere server.
L(odClientService)odClientService.exeRelated to Odyssey_Client for Fujitsu Siemens Computers. Note: Located in C:ProgramFujitsu Siemens C
LAAMQDispatcherAAMQDispatcherService.exeCompuware Serversoftware
LABCSpell Helper ServiceABCSpellService.exeSpell checker (Ect ect) for Outlook Express. For more information Click_Here
LAccenture Media Viewer (MediaViewer)streamviewerservice.exeRelated to Accenture_Media_Viewer
LAEClientHostServiceAEClientHostService.exeRelated to GE_Fanuc_Automation enable you to act in real-time to optimize productivity and increase
XAL_ADSServiceAL_ADSService.exeAluria Spyware Eliminator Spyware remover a rogue program of dubious repute - for more information s
LANTS Profiler serviceRedGate.Profiler.Service.exeRelated to Red Gate Software Ltd
LAshampooDefragServiceaDefragService.exeRelated to Ashampoo Magic Defrag Utility
LATK Keyboard Service (ATKKeyboardService)ATKKBService.exeRelated to ASUSTeK_Computer Inc. ASUS Keyboards and provides additional configuration options for th
XAVCore (SrvMain)avservice.exeAs of yet Unknown Worm Trojan or Malware. The file (avservice.exe) is found in the Documents and Set
LAvid SDM Service (AvidSDMService)AvidSDMService.exeRelated to Avid_SDM_Service from Avid Technology Note: Located in C:WINDOWSsystem32
LBeatJam Music Server - UPnP (BeatJamUPnPMusicServer)BeatJamUPnPService.exeSee_BeatJam Justsystem audio software BeatJam.
LBGS_SDServiceBGS_SDservice.exeRelated BMC Software Inc. -
LBigPond Broadband Cable LoginbpcService.exeTelstra's BIGPOND_BROADBAND_CABLE
LBlueSoleil Hid ServiceBTNtService.exeBlueSoleil is a Bluetooth device manager for Windows. Made by the IVT_Corporation The file associate
LCapture Service (CaptureService)CaptureService.exeRelated to Impact_360 from Witness Systems Inc. Workforce management. Note: Located in C:WINDOWSsyst
LCarboniteServicecarboniteservice.exeRelated to Carbonite_online_backup automatically backs up all the the files on your computer.
LCitrix SMA ServiceSmaService.exeRelated to Citrix MetaFrame
LCognos ReportNetcogbootstrapservice.exeRelated to Cognos_ReportNet Business Intelligence software. Note: located in C:Program FilesCognoscr
LCVSNT Dispatch service (cvsnt)cvsservice.exeRelated to CVS_on_NT service Machines. From March Hare Software. Note: Located in C:Program FilesCVS
LCWAFEventRoutercwafservice.exeCompuware Serversoftware
LCWAFNotesServiceCWAFNotesService.exeCompuware Serversoftware
LCWAFReportSchedulerCWAFSchedService.exeCompuware Serversoftware
LCXPT_Service - Cyberspace Headquarters LLCwcservice.exeRelated to Internet_Security Suite from COSMI Corp.
LCyberhawkCHService.exeRelated to Cyberhawk from Novatix Protects against Viruses Spyware Identity Theft. Note: Located in
LCypressLinkCypressLinkService.exeRelated to Related to CypressViewer from Siemens. Medical software. Note: Located in C:Program Files
LDeepsight ExtractorExtractorService.exeSymantec Security Analyser
LDeepSight Extractor CC ServiceccExtractorService.exeRelated to Symentec corp.
LdigiSPTIServicedigiSPTIService.exeRelated to Pro_Tools digital audio workstation (DAW) technology.
LDirectUpdate engineDUService.exeDirect Update - registers dynamic IPs to a fixed hostname
LDirectX Debug Service (DXDebug)DXDebugService.exeRelated to the Microsoft DirectX SDK and offers a debug facility for this development suite.
LDirMS_DefragmentationDirmsService.exeRelated to DirMS_Defragmentation from DIRMS. Allows the user to defragment hard drives with a user-f
LDiskeeperDkService.exeExecutive Software's Diskeeper (Defragmenter)
LDkeySyncsyncservice.exeRelated to GE_Security_Supra Note: Located in c:program filesge security supra
LDM1ServiceDM1Service.exeRelated to OLYMPUS Corporation
LElectronic Arts Licensing ServiceEA Licensing Service.exeRelated to EA_Licensing_Service.exe is installed with some games from Electronic Arts. It is require
LFLEXnet Licensing ServiceFNPLicensingService.exeRelated to FLEXnet_Publisher from Macrovision. Note: Located in C:Program FilesCommon FilesMacrovisi
LFont Cache DownlevelFontCacheService.exeService installed by the Microsoft Avalon open beta.
LFreePOPsfreepopsservice.exeFreePOPs is distributed by the GNU General Public License is intended to guarantee your freedom to s
LFreeSSHDServiceFreeSSHDService.exeRelated to OpenSSH A free SSH/SecSH protocol suite providing encryption for network services like re
LFwSRServicefwsrservice.exeCheckPoint SecuRemote
LGFI LANguard System Integrity Monitor 3 agent servicecfservice.exeGFI LANguard System Integrity Monitor is a utility that provides intrusion detection by checking whe
LGoogle Updater ServiceGoogleUpdaterService.exe(gusvc) - Google - commonly found in a location like this: C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Common\Goog
LGoogle Updater Service (gusvc)GoogleUpdaterService.exeRelated to Google_Updater_Service Note: Located in C:Program FilesGoogleCommonGoogle Updater
OGroove Installer ServiceGrooveInstallerService.exe???
LIgniteService.exeIgniteService.exeRelated to Accenture_Media_Viewer
LInbound Distributor Serviceinbounddistributorservice.exeRelated to Inbound_Logistics
LInstallShield Licensing ServiceInstallShield Licensing Service.exeRelated to InstallShield_Licensing_Service from Macrovision. Create high-quality software installati
LIntel® Quick Resume Technology Drivers (ELService)ELService.exeRelated to Intel® _Quick_Resume_Technology Drivers. Note: Located in C:Program FilesIntelIntelDHInte
LIomega Active DiskADService.exeRelated to Iomega Corporation
LiPod ServiceiPodService.exeRelated to Apple iPod.
LJuniper Network Connect Service (dsNcService)dsNcService.exeRelated to Juniper Networks Inc. Networking Platform.
LKnob Service (KNOBSERV)KnobService.exeFile belongs to Acer_Inc
?KServiceKService.exeAdded by KService It's part of a peer to peer package people agree to when signing up with 'Sky By B
LLanSafe Process Managerxyntservice.exeRelated to LanSafe_Process_Manager from Powerware. Uninterruptible Power Supply Note: Located in C:P
?LckFldServiceLckFldService.exe? Could be related Proland Software. ? -
LLicCtrl Servicerunservice.exePart of the eLicense Copy Protection scheme employed by some software and games. (Castlecops Startup
LLWWLicenseServiceLWWLicenseService.exeRelated to Wolters_Kluwer The Professional's First Choice for information tools and solutions that h
LMarkVision Server (MvServer)lexmvservice.exeRelated to MarkVison_Server From Lexmar. Note: Located in C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32
LMarkVision Web Server (MvWebServer)lexwebservice.exeRelated to MarkVison_Server From Lexmar. Note: Located in C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32
LMcAfee Framework Service (McAfeeFramework)FrameworkService.exeMcAfee/CA related Personal Firewall ServiceMPFSERVICE.exeRelated to Personal Firewall
LMediaMax XL Service (MediaMaxXLService)MediaMaxXLService.exeRelated to MediaMax_XL from Streamload Inc. An application that automatically backs up your files an
LMemeo (BMUService)MemeoService.exeRelated to Memeo backup service. Note: Located in C:Program FilesTanagraMemeo
LMilShieldCleanerShieldService.exeRelated to Mil_Shield from Mil Incorporated. It protects your privacy by removing all tracks from yo
LMrobeServiceMRobeService.exeRelated to Olympus_America_Inc Imaging products.
LMSI_WLAN_ServiceWLAN_Service.exePart of Microstar's WLan card. File found in the C:Program FilesMicroStarWLANUtility folder.
LNBServiceNBService.exeRelated to Nero Backup service. Note: Located in C:Program FilesNeroNero 7Nero BackItUp
XNetwork dde redirections
LnTune Service (nTuneService)nTuneService.exeRelated to NVIDIA Access Manager. Note: Located in C:Program FilesNVIDIA Corporation Tune
LOpenAFS Client Service (TransarcAFSDaemon)afsd_service.exeOpenAFS is a distributed filesystem product pioneered at Carnegie Mellon University
LOrbMediaServiceOrbMediaService.exeOwner:Orb Networks
LOSCM Utility ServiceOSCMUtilityService.exeRelated to Novatel Wireless Service from Sprint phones and connectivity cards. Note: Located in C: P
LPacket SchedulerService.exeRelated to Packet_Scheduler from Microsoft. The packet scheduler decides the order in which packets.
LPantech&Curitel Utility ServicePnCUtilityService.exeRelated to Sprint Internet Service Provider.
LPatchLink UpdateGRAVITIXSERVICE.exePatchlink_Update by Patchlink Corporation
LPCS Business Connection Personal Edition ServiceConnectionService.exeRelated to ISP
LPestPatrol RemoteppRemoteService.exeRelated to PestPatrol products from Computer Associates International Inc.
LPPPoE Servicepppoeservice.exeRelated to the Internet Provider High Speed Services (ISP)
LPrivacyView Service (PVService)PVService.exeRelated to Privacy_View software encrypts files folders and Internet files. File is normally located
LProductivIT ServiceTEKS_Service.exeRelated to DynTeck Inc.
LPurgeIE XP Service (PurgeIEservice)PurgeIE_Service.exeRelated to Assistance_&_Resources for Computing Inc. PurgeFox is a utility program specifically desi
LPurgPro XP ServicePurgPro_Service.exePurgeIE service
LRational ClearQuest Mail Servicemailservice.exeRelated to IBM_Rational_ClearQuest
LRegServiceRegService.exeRelated to Intel Corp.
LRemote Task Manager service (RTM)RTMService.exeRelated to Remote_Task_Manager remote control suite. Note: Located in C:Program FilesRemote Task Man
LResource Manager Mail (ResourceManagerMail)MailService.exeRelated to Citrix Systems Inc.
Xr_serverservice.exeAdded by the Troj/Remadm-G TROJAN! Note: This is not the legitimate Windows process services.exe (No
LSamsung Update PlusSLUBackgroundService.exeRelated to Samsung_AV_Station instant Playback of music photos videos.
LSDServiceSDService.exeRelated to Spyware_Detector from Max Secure. Note: Located in C:Program FilesSpywareDetector
LSearch Engine Commando Schedule ServiceScheduleService.exeRelated to Search Engine Commando
XServiceService.exeAdded by the Troj/SrchSpy-A TROJAN! Note: This is not the legitimate Windows process services.exe (N
XServiceService.exeAdded by the Haxdoor.Fam HAXDOOR! Note: Located in C:WindowsSystem (Win9x/Me) C:%WINDIR%System32 (XP
LShavlik HFNetChkPro ServiceHFNetChkProService.exeHFNetChkPro distributes Microsoft patches to client machines
LSiteAdvisor ServiceSAService.exeRelated to SiteAdvisor Service from McAfee. Note: Located in C:Program FilesSiteAdvisor[4 digits num
LSleepyservice.exeRelated to Sashazur LLC A utililty to prevents computer use at night. For schools libraries business
LSLPMONXslpservice.exeRelated to Seiko Printers. Provides additional configuration options for these devices. Note: locate
LSMART Board ServiceSMARTBoardService.exeRelated to SMART Technologies inc.
LSmartWiServiceSmartWiService.exeRelated to Sony_SmartWi SmartWi technology is the seamless integration of three wireless technologie
LSolidPDFConverterReadSpool (ScReadSpool)SolidPdfService.exeRelated to Solid_Converter_PDF from VoyagerSoft - Turn your PDFs into documents you can edit.
LSony SCSI Helper ServiceSonySCSIHelperService.exeRelated to Related to Sony Corporation.
LSophos Anti-Virus (SAVService)SavService.exeRelated to Sophos AntiVirus protection software.
LSophos Anti-Virus status reporter (SAVAdminService)SAVAdminService.exeRelated to Sophos AntiVirus protection software.
OSpywareCleanerServiceSCService.exeOwner:Secure Computer LLC. May show as Unknown owner. Related to Spyware Cleaner Note: Not recommend
LSRS Labs License Servicesrslabslicenseservice.exeRelated to SRS_Labs Audio Service. Note: Located in C:Program FilesCommon FilesSRS Labs Shared
LStarWind iSCSI Service (StarWindService)StarWindService.exeStarWindService.exe is a process which belongs to Alcohol 120% DVD/CD emulation and burning software
LStreamload Service (StreamloadService)StreamloadService.exeRelated to Streamload_Service from Streamload Inc. Backs up your files and syncs files between compu
LStyleXPServiceStyleXPService.exeRelated to StyleXP a skinning program for Windows XP
LSystem Update (SUService)suservice.exeRelated to Levolo System_update Thinkpad from IBM. More Note: Located in c:program fileslenovosystem
LTango ServiceTangoService.exeRelated to Efficient Networks by Siemens
LThinkVantage System Update (UCLauncherService)UCLauncherService.exeRelated to Lenovo ThinkVantage Technologies. ThinkVantage Technologies help make ThinkPad/ThinkCentr
LTrack-It! Workstation ManagerTIRemoteService.exeRelated to Quicken/Intuit Inc. -
LTVT Backup Servicerrservice.exeRelated to IBM ThinkVantage Rescue and Recovery
LTZO Client (TZONTService)TZO_NT_Service.exeRelated to TZO_DNS a leading Dynamic DNS (DDNS) service provider.
LUPSMONServiceUPSMON_Service.ExeRelated to UPSMON Power Management Software. Made by Powercom_USA This file is found in the Program
LUS30ServiceUS30Service.exeRelated to Everstrike Software. Folder protection tool.
LVeoh Client ServiceVeohClientService.exeRelated to Veoh Network. Create your own video blogs to share with friends. Note: Located in C:Progr
LVMware Tools ServiceVMwareService.exeRelated to VMware inc.
LVPN 5000 Service 1.00.00 (VPN5000Service)vpn5000service.exeRelated to Cisco Systems Inc. -
LVRServiceVrService.exeRelated to Panasonic Matsushita Electric Industrial Co.
LWebDrive Service (WebDriveService)wdservice.exeRelated to WebDrive FTP service. Note: Located in C:Program FilesNetDrive
LWebroot Client Service (WebrootEnterpriseClientService)WebrootClientService.exeRelated to Webroot_Software
LWebroot Client Service (WRConsumerService)WRConsumerService.exe

Belongs to webroots spysweeper. If you've purchased webroot software this should be valid otherwi

LWebroot Update Service (WebrootEnterpriseUpdateService)WebrootUpdateService.exeRelated to Webroot_Software
XWindows Service Manager (WSCM)service.exeAdded by the Backdoor.Agent.zb as reported by ewido suite. Note: located in C:WindowsSystem (Win9x/M
LWindows Tracks Washer Registry Service (WTWService)washservice.exeAdded by Internet_Tracks_Washer Note: This is a Internet tracks cleaning tool.
XWindowsService (WINSERVICE)service.exeAdded by the W32/Tilebot-K WORM! Note: This is not the legitimate Windows Process. (Which is found i
LWUOLservice (WUOLService)WUOLService.exeRelated to Novel Inc.
LWUSB54Gv2SVCWLService.exeRelated to Linksys Wireless-G USB Wireless Network Monitor