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  • L = Legit, O = Open to Debate, X = Malware/Bad

Name Process Details
X(ProtectedContentSvc)services.exeAdded by Oscarbot.IV TROJAN! (backdoor ranky) Note: This worm rojan is located in C:%WINDIR%ETC comp
LAdministraciĆ³e aplicacionesservices.exeSpanish Windows 2000 applications managing
LAdministrador de discosservices.exeSpanish Windows 2000 disks manager
LAlmacenamiento protegidoservices.exeSpanish Windows 2000 protected storage
LCliente de seguimiento de vinculos distribuidosservices.exeSpanish Windows 2000 distributed links tracking client
LCliente DHCPservices.exeSpanish Windows 2000 DHCP client
LCliente DNSservices.exeSpanish Windows 2000 DNS client
LEstaciĆ³e trabajoservices.exeSpanish Windows 2000 workstation
LExaminador de equiposservices.exeSpanish Windows 2000 computers browser
LExten. controlador Instrumental de admon. de Windowsservices.exeSpanish Windows 2000 windows management instrumentation drive extension
LHorario de Windowsservices.exeSpanish Windows 2000 windows time
LIomega App ServicesAppServices.exeIomega related
LMaxSyncService (NTService1)SyncServices.exeRelated to Maxtor_OneTouch service. Note: Located in C:ProgramMaxtorOneTouchUtils
XMicrosoft NetWork FireWall ServicesNetServices.exe
XMicrosoft NetWork FireWall ServicesNet_Services.exe
XMicrosoft Windows HelpFile (Windows Helpfile)services.exeAdded by the W32/Tilebot-FQ WORM! Note: This worm rojan is located in C:%WINDIR% folder. disabling t
XMicrosoft Windows Spool Service (Windows Spool Service)services.exeAdded by an unidentified TROJAN! of the Sdbot family. Note: This worm rojan is located in C:%WINDIR%
LPlug and Playservices.exeSpanish Windows 2000 Plug and Play
LRegistro de sucesosservices.exeSpanish Windows 2000 event logger
XService)services.exeAdded by the W32/Sdbot-AWW WORM!
XService)services.exeAdded by the W32/Tilebot-FW WORM! Note: This is not the legitimate Windows process (Which is always
XServices an controller-settingsservices.exeAdded by the W32/Tilebot-HY WORM! Note: This worm rojan is located in C:%WINDIR% folder.
LServicio de alertaservices.exeSpanish Windows 2000 alert service.
LServicio de ayuda TCP/IP NetBIOSservices.exeSpanish Windows 2000 Help service TPC/IP NetBIOS
LServicio RunAsservices.exeSpanish Windows 2000 RunAs service
LServidorservices.exeSpanish Windows 2000 server
XSystem Spooler Hostservices.exeAdded by the W32/Sdbot-COV WORM! Note: This worm rojan is located in C:Windowscursorsmstask (Win9x/M
XWindows Object Managerservices.exeW32.Banish.A@mm - Symantec Description: Randomly copied characteristics of an already existing servi