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  • L = Legit, O = Open to Debate, X = Malware/Bad

Name Process Details
LeTrust Antivirus Job ServerInoTask.exeAssociated with eTrust Antivirus/InoculateIT
LProgramador de tareasMSTask.exeSpanish Windows 2000 task scheduler
Xqtask (qtask.exe)qtask.exeAdded by the SDBOT.CQX WORM! Read the link rootkit type stealth involved.
LSystemSuite Task ManagerMXTask.exeRelated to Ontrack Inc.
XWindows Task Manager Service (tskman)task.exeAdded by the W32/Tilebot-R WORM! Note: This worm rojan file is found in the Windows or Winnt folder.
XWindows Task Scheduler (MSTASK)mstask.exeAdded by an unidentified TROJAN! of the Sdbot family. Do not delete the mstask.exe file unless it's